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On request, here are a couple more charts relating to job postings on Patently-O Jobs. The first chart shows the typical locations for jobs posted on the site. Please note, there is some overlap. Thus, NYC jobs are usually also classified as Northeast Jobs. Washington DC is the focal point of the MidAtlantic jobs, although there have also been a number of post from Atlanta and the Research Triangle area.

The USA map shown below represents Patently-O readership intensity. About half of the readers come from the top-six metro areas of Washington DC, NYC, San Francisco / San Jose, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Boston. Of course, you'll note that you can find readers multiple readers in almost every metro area in the country.

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    I would hold off on any PTO jobs, I heard a few recently hired examiners have received furlough notices this morning.

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    Stagen, the areas on the map are DMAs – Designate Market Areas. Nielsen establishes DMAs as a way to define television markets. But they also can serve as a reasonable standin for defining other types of market areas in cases where a county-by-county portrayal is too cumbersome or might not accurately capture some metropolitan areas.

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    I think this is a very inaccurate conclusion. Silicon Valley have a lot more patent jobs in relation to rest of the country, but it seems that most of the SV employers and agencies do not advertise here.

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    Thanks, Dennis–what are the outlines on the map, though? They don’t seem to line up with state boundaries and thus also not with county lines.

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    Of course, you’ll note that you can find multiple readers in almost every metro area in the country.

    But you’re only counting anon as one, right?

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