Jumbo Patents of 2013

by Dennis Crouch

The following is a list of the patents issued in 2013 with the most claims.

  1. 8,401,902: 404 claims covering a "method for using computers to facilitate and control the creating of a plurality of functions;" invented by Lucinda Stone and Michael Dean of Tyler Texas see Function Media LLC. (Family claims priority back to 2000, prosecuted by Grant Rodolph at Conley Rose).
  2. 8,404,693: 372 claims covering a set of compounds that impact human opioid receptors; Owned by Adolor Corporation (now owned by Cubist Pharma) (Prosecuted by Walter Frank).
  3. 8,437,669: 322 claims covering a toner cartridge; Owned by Canon. (Prosected by Donald Heckenberg)
  4. 8,562,424: 319 claims directed to a portable online gambling device; Invented by Jay Walker and now owned by IGT.
  5. 8,585,593: 243 claims directed to diabetes monitoring software owned by the University of Virginia.
  6. 8,389,958: 223 claims covering a physical mechanism using nanoparticles to alter the wavelength of light emissions; Owned by Duke University and Immunolight.
  7. 8,599,764: 222 claims directed to the use of "overhead information" transmissions as to help remote devices keep track of multiple data streams on multiple data channels; Owned by Qualcomm.
  8. 8,598,516: 220 claims directed to a new method of mass-spectrometry seemingly owned by the father-son Sapargaliyev team from Kazakhstan. (Prosecuted by Michael Feigin).
  9. 8,355,982: 220 claims covering a token-transaction system ownedy by VeriFone. (Prosecuted by Daniel Yannuzzi).
  10. 8,538,123: 213 claims covering a system of imaging check and cash deposits and associating those with the customer making the deposit; patent owned by Cummins-Allison Corp. File wrapper is so clean — first action allowance.
  11. 8,520,023: 209 claims covering an image transformation method that improves image color and lighting; owned by EEColor. (Prosecuted by John Hammond)
  12. 8,467,354: 203 claims covering some aspect of VoIP software (claim 1 spans 80+ lines in the patent); owned by Boris Jerkunia’s company Vocalocity. (Prosecuted by John Harris)

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