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        Anon- thanks for the recommendation. I would love to provide transcripts and do plan to add them in the future. It’s just a matter of resources right now.

        I agree with the prior comments that the written word is the best way to discuss the law, for the reasons mentioned by Oh No and MM. Does anyone think that it should be the only way we discuss it?

        YouTube is the second most popular search engine in the world. This fact should compel those few of us who are able to participate in the YouTube-type discussion to do so.


          I don’t mind the YouTube approach, but I will not use it for anything of volume. As with OhNo, I can process much more stuff when it is in written format.

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      I agree with Oh No, below. Both video and audio seem to me to be very inefficient ways of communicating about patent law. I get that some people like to listen to “podcasts” and stuff but, unless you’re working some kind of comedic angle where the “timing” is everything or banking on your good looks or some other audio/visual gimmick to generate an audience, I’d recommend at least providing a transcript.


            Let’s save that day for when Malcolm comes up with an original thought and we are all in agreement.

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      I thought about making some videos like this myself Kelly. I didn’t get around to it for at least two reasons: “6” is anonymous, and it just didn’t seem to be something like people would want to watch.

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      I can read a lot faster than most can speak. Also, it is far easier to edit an article than it is to reshoot a video. IMHO — video is a poor medium to comment on patent law — or most things in general.

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