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    Google’s patent purchase form is now available. This is clearly aimed at bulk purchasing of low-value patents. The form simply asks for name, address, and patent number, and offers the following price options:

    * $10,000
    * $25,000
    * $50,000
    * $75,000
    * Other (specify)

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    I’ve looked at this, as a potential seller. There are some interesting issues with their standard contract. There’s the patent family problem, as noted. There’s more.

    Google also wants “all available conception and reduction to practice materials”. Does that mean that if you have a patent on an article of manufacture, and you built it, they get the product, and the tooling for the product? Even though the seller gets a license back to practice the patent? For an entity practising the patent, this has the effect of a buyout of the business.

    Google also wants to keep the transaction secret, forever.

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    I must say their arrogance is impressive.

    If you don’t have an email address, they wont do business with you. (They are trying to save on stamps and envelops I suppose).

    They refuse to write a check. They will only transfer funds via “ACH”.

    They wont be bothered with terminal disclaimers.

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      If you don’t have an email address, they wont do business with you.

      You don’t have an email address?
      You know that Google will give you one for free, right?

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    I don’t think this will amount to much. Just the in-house attorneys on a fishing expedition.

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    Red Flag Warning:

    Very suspicious (possibly devious) that Google is only accepting one patent and not a complete family; as all other buyers do.

    Selling off only one patent in your patent family will severely reduce or kill the value of all the other patents you still own in that family.

    True patent purchasers want/demand ownership & control of your complete family, including all U.S., foreign, pending, & abandoned.

    And if the Google ownership their one acquired patent hasn’t totally killed/tainted the rest of your patent family:

    Then Google may deviously arrange/pay for a third-party to invalidate their one patent, in-order to further taint the rest of your family.
    Bogus 101, 112, inequitable conduct, …. will be made up & presented; and surprise Google will provide no competent defense.

    This may be a scheme for Google to taint/kill small guy patent families at reduce cost ?????

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      True patent purchasers want/demand ownership & control of your complete family,

      That’s ridiculous.

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        This would be a better comment if there were support for why this is supposedly “ridiculous”. So, why is this “ridiculous”?


          The whole comment from Inventoro875 is ridiculous. Google says right up front that this program is not for you if you have a patent family to sell. Somehow this gets converted to “a scheme for Google to taint/kill small guy patent families at reduce [sic] cost.”


            It is no more ridiculous than te constant stream of “grifter” C R P that we are exposed to.


            Dan H

            The Google form only accepts a single patent number.

            There is significant probability that some inventor(s) with a patent family will enter one patent,
            mistakenly thinking that patent family value is divisible into each patent and expecting to sell the rest of the patent family later.

            Show how inventor(s) will not be hurt:

            Quote the specific Google text that clearly warns inventor(s) of the devastation to the value of the rest of their patent family, due to selling only one patent from their patent family.

            Quote the specific Google text that indicates that if a patent from a family was submitted, that Google will be honest and not buy that patent.

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        Based on your statement, you have zero knowledge of transactions.

        My statement (which you try to take out of context) is known by everyone with transaction experience.

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    Interesting idea. Good way to take advantage of their size and brand to get a leg up in the patent marketplace.

    I wonder if those offer prices might ever find their way into litigation when it comes to calculating damages.

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      Google is buying unused patents? That is the behavior of patent trolls.

      That’s hardly the only patent trollish behavior that Google engages in. Have you seen the patents they apply for?

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      Yep. It’s my sense that there are plenty of would-be entrepreneurs out there with the basis and skills for a startup, just waiting to move forward. Transferring their IP to Google instead, where it can just languish, isn’t really helpful.


          Fish: “yep, doesn’t employ that many people, unlike investing in a start-up”

          That’s right! Every patent granted to a new entrepreneur creates at least one new job. That’s a fact that has never been successfully refuted!!


            Yes, 1 job, divided as 2/3 for the attorney and firm, and 1/3 for the examiner and PTO.

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