12 thoughts on “Velcro Works to Save its TM

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    How did they come up with the name Velcro? If feels like a combination of syllables from two words, like Velocity and Cross, but I can’t even guess what the second word was.

    Does anyone know?

    Anyway, they didn’t invent it. It was found at the Rosewell crash site. Maybe we can use what the Aliens called it.

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      A Vulcan named T’mir invented velcro in 1957.

      We should all start calling it scratchy hairy fasteners, like the lawyers in the videos.

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    Er, o.k. I watched about 30 sec of the video (as much as I could stomach). I guess that the idea here is to make a video so corny that it goes viral? Good luck with that.

    Also, if they really want people to stop using the word “velcro,” they need to come up with a different generic term than “hook & loop.” No one is going to use an awkward and unfamiliar three syllables instead of a smooth and familiar two. Perhaps VELCRO brand “stick-fast”?

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      It just came to me: “holdfast.” They can promote the new generic term with advertising during Game of Thrones (“Maegor’s holdfast is nothing compared to VELCRO brand holdfast…” or some such).

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      I agree. Everyone watching this will think “that was cute,” and continue to call it velcro. They don’t stand a chance.

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      “they need to come up with a different generic term than “hook & loop.”

      They did: “scratchy hairy fasteners” works for me. It will appear in the next patent I file.

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