Congratulations to the AIPLA G.S. Rich Patent Moot Court finalists!

By Jason Rantanen

The regional round of the AIPLA Giles S. Rich Patent Moot Court competition took place last weekend.  I know how much work goes into these competitions–merits briefs on both sides plus preparation to argue both sides–so kudos to all competitors.  Particular congratulations go to the winners and runners-up, who will be competing at the Federal Courts Building in Washington D.C. on April 18-20.  The final round will be heard by Judges Prost, Reyna and Chen.

Spoiler alert: the names of the competitors and schools are listed on the next page.

Northeast Region
1st – Columbia (Caitri Feddeler & Brandon Zamudio)
2nd – Columbia (Johanna-Sophie Dikkers & Eric Speckhand
Best briefs – Boston University (Philip Chen & Autumn Wu)

Southeast Region
1st – University of Virginia (Ronald Pantalena and Laura Toulme)
2nd – George Washington University (Emma Frank and Samuel Cockriel)
Best briefs – Washington and Lee (Lauren Bond & Daniele San Roman)

Midwest Region
1st – University of Iowa (Tyler Latcham & Brandon Pakkebier)
1st, best briefs – University of St. Thomas (Jaskaran Singh & Lee Bennin)

South Region
1st, best briefs – University of Texas at Austin (Thomas Lemens, John Williams)
2nd, best briefs – University of Houston (Jorge Amor & Jaime Stark)

West Region
1st – Santa Clara University (Marinna Radloff & Monica De Lazzari)
2nd, best briefs – University of California at Berkeley (Rachna Vyas & Nathan Theobald)

Anyone interested in assisting or attending the competition or associated receptions should contact Alison Gaul at   For those who are interested, this year’s problem can be found here.

Also, while it’s not patent-related, congratulations to the University of Iowa College of Law team of Kassandra Ricklefs and Emily Asp, who won the Cardozo/BMI Entertainment and Communications Law Moot Court competition this year.  (With Oracle v. Google, it’s copyright week after all.)

Edit: I initially had the wrong names listed for the first-place team from Columbia.  The names are now correct. 

7 thoughts on “Congratulations to the AIPLA G.S. Rich Patent Moot Court finalists!

    1. 4.1

      I am looking at it like this: the longer it takes, the more likely that the Court is writing up a drastic action (finding un-Constitutionality).

      1. 4.1.1

        Or coming up with creative ways to preserve it while perhaps setting forth some limits on congressional ability to go hog wild doing the sorts of things they did there.

  1. 3

    Lauren Bond & Daniele San Roman were apparently very busy, representing both Columbia in the Northeast Region and Washington & Lee in the Southeast. Impressive.

  2. 2

    There seems to be a typo unless Washington & Lee and Columbia had people with the same names who competed and evidently did pretty well.

    I’m judging DC rounds and had to quickly scroll down to avoid registering in my mind which names go with which schools. It’s not a huge deal, but thought I’d mention it.

    Congrats to all of these people. I’ll look more closely at who they actually are once I’m done judging 🙂

    1. 2.1

      Thanks – I’ve corrected the names.

      I’ll also add in a spoiler alert for those people who are judging.

  3. 1

    Congrats to Iowa and all advancing teams!

    I always enjoy reading the problems they come up with for these. I think it was last years that was on marijuana and 101 – perfect combo. This years seems almost too simple on the issues (103 and jurisdiction) but the fact pattern is all over the place. Should make for interesting arguments on the record. Hope the judges read it!

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