JOLT – Special Issue on API Copyright

Just as the Federal Circuit was releasing its decision in Oracle v. Google, Harvard’s Journal of Law & Technology was also releasing its special issue on the topic: Protecting Software Interfaces with Copyright Law.

3 thoughts on “JOLT – Special Issue on API Copyright

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    Hmm, the usual culprits of Lemley, Samuelson, Menell (replete with self-referencing of the same group)…

    I do wonder how many of the (academic) pundits screaming here about the “functionality” of software are advocates for the patent-eligibility of software to protect that very same functionality….

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      My belief is that none of the LSM Gang want to see any kind of robust IP protection for software. It would damage Google’s bottom line, as well as their own perhaps.

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    All you need to know in just over 1/4 of the words from the titles of the papers listed:

    Patents protect the utility aspects of something.
    Copyright protects the expressive aspects of something.

    Something may very well have aspects that are protected by both patent and copyright.

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