Chief Judge of the PTAB

“The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), a progressive organization at the forefront of intellectual property issues around the world, is seeking a high performing professional to join its Senior Executive Team as Chief Administrative Patent Judge (Chief Judge).”

Like other members of the PTAB, the Chief Judge is appointed by the Secretary of Commerce  in consultation with the USPTO Director.

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4 thoughts on “Chief Judge of the PTAB

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    Meh. Now who’s going to sign up for a position that’s going to be eliminated once SCOTUS finally, correctly rules PTAB trials unconstitutional?

    And “high performing” is far too “abstract” a criteria to mean anything, anyway.

    1. 2.1

      In the extremely unlikely event that AIA trials are ruled unconstitutional, PTAB will still have its Ex parts appeals jurisdiction. The job of chief isn’t going to disappear.

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    Maybe Malcolm.

    Oh, I know! One of those “I post with my real name so there must be more value” contributors…

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