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    Facebook, 3 Other Social Networks Hit With Patent Suits (Source: The Recorder)

    Corrino is asserting patents related to search, GPS location services and social media usage metrics. The suits generally accuse the social networks of infringing when they notify users of nearby services or enable search within a geographical range.

    For example, the technology underlying U.S. Patent 7,847,685 allows a user “to quickly locate a sushi restaurant within one square mile of his/her present location,” according to the suit against Facebook. The ’685 represents “an unconventional solution to problems arising in the context of Internet search engine systems, namely, that such systems returned too many search results, much of which was of little to no interest to the user,” states Jeffrey Craft of the Calabasas-based Devlin Law Firm in a 123-page complaint against Facebook.


    Because nobody sorted information by relevance before the Internet! And data processing logic is soooooooooooo different when the data is nearby sushi restaurant data. That’s some of thehardest of all information to work with. Pretty much any content that rhymes with “squooshy” poses great problems for computer logic. It’s a real mystery that experts have been working to solve for decades.

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