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    Two-thirds of the patents issued to Motorola last year related to software and services. In 2014, 70 percent of its patents related to the company’s traditional radio equipment, Klingert says. “We’ve gotten more tactical about what we’re filing. Artificial intelligence and data analytics are critical to where we’re going. We’ve shifted our patent strategy to reflect that.”

    Sure, that’s a really smart move.


    AI patents are the worst of the worst and I’m ready to bet my horse that it’ll be an AI patent that ultimately ends the logic patenting farce once and for all.

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      I think AI could be potentially be patentable. It would have to be more than train a known AI algorithm with particular data to perform a particular task. In that case, you are just using a prior art AI algorithm in its conventional and expected manner. For a known algorithm that categorizes images, it is irrelevant what the content of the image are (an AI doesn’t know a picture is of a cat, it merely has learned to associate a first set of data (the image data of the cat picture) with second data (the data that, when viewed by a human, is associated with a cat)).

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