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    I hope that folks are reading the Scott Sumner blog post. It rather lets the air out of much of the anti-China commentary one reads around these parts.

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      1) was not aware that “anti-China” was even a thing “around these parts, and

      2) care to share a link?

      1. 4.1.1

        (Never mind a link- what was supposed to be typed was “care to share more details of your view?”)

        Mea culpa

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        was not aware that “anti-China” was even a thing “around these parts,

        Your bff Night Wiper has probably made a couple hundred references to IP Thieving China over the years.


          Holding accountability for actual instances of corporate espionage is NOT “anti-China.”

          Even as the article itself admits – there is plenty “there” there. The article instead aims to remove some of the more hyperbolic semantics.

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    Amazon Patent Application Hints at Using Doorbell Cameras to Build a Suspicious Persons Database (Source: BGR)

    My comment here hints at using blog posts and comments to build a database of suspicious corporations who abuse the patent system.

    News flash: using prior art information gathering devices to build databases of information is both ineligible and obvious. Will someone please tell the incompetent director of the USPTO to maybe do something about this cr@ p? Pretty sure all you need is a really fancy car and maybe some nice seats at a sporting event and you can get whatever want from Iancu.

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      Reminds me of a certain person who under a particular blog software “all of a sudden” opted for a security setting that stopped the presentation in one place of all of his comments….

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    How about this as a poster child for Iancu’s broken fraudulent PTO?

    “A method comprising: detecting … one of a plurality of entities within a proximity of [an] autonomous vehicle; determining … a location of the one of the entities …; determining… a type of the one of the entities; determining … a predefined message to be presented to the one of the entities…[using] …a speaker.”

    Evidently this case was examined by a six year old. Or perhaps Iancu, an incompetent compromised fraud, just did a “solid” for one of his wealth Silly Con Valley Bros at Lyft.

    What other explanation is there? Everyone involved with this ridiculously offensive junk should be banned from the patent system for life. C l u e l e ss disgusting greedy children.

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    Facebook Filed Patent Applications To Calculate Your Future Location (Buzzfeed News)


    Because nobody ever did that before.

    Oh but wait! This “intelligence” is …. LOLOLOL … “artificial.” Totally different from using your brain to collect data and make a prediction!

    What a disgusting cr@p company. And this is the relatively good stuff. Pffffffft.

      1. 1.1.1

        Machines do not think.

        It’s beyond hilarious that you think this sideshow peeve of yours is going to change anything.

        Maybe you can aim your water pistol at the folks who use terms like “determine”, “compare”, “reconcile”, “brain”, “intelligence” etc etc ad nauseum when discussing computers. Have fun, Billy!


        the zombie of the Mental Steps Doctrine

        ? Try writing an argument using declarative sentences in plain English, Billy. Start from first principles. I know it’s really hard for you but your mommy can hold your hand and help you sharpen the crayons if you get frustrated.

      2. 1.1.2

        Notice how Billy’s defense of Farcebook’s g@rbage patent claims is oblique at best.

        Why is that?

        It’s because Billy knows its cr @p but he can never, ever, ever admit that. He’s a compromised little shill. A baby hypocrite clothed in a slimy sheen of fecal matter.


          Your reply is off-base and does not touch any of the items of my post.

          Try again – or to be more precise, try (in the ballpark) for the first time.

          Here’s a hint to help you: drop the mindless and off base ad hominem and accusations and delve into the actual points presented.


              Yes, because your link to science fiction stories is probative….

              Feel free to come back to reality at any time.


                And let’s not let the opportunity slip by to provide one of my favorite words:


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