Combating the Trafficking in Counterfeit and Pirated Goods

On April 3, 2019, President Trump released a “memorandum on combating trafficking in counterfeit and pirated goods” which calls for a report on the state of the issue to be completed by November 1, 2019.  Homeland security is in charge, with consultations from Commerce, Justice, OMB, USTR, and others, including intellectual property rights holders.

The memorandum mentions a couple of prior studies on counterfeiting and piracy, but the current data continues to be lacking — as the GAO wrote in 2010: “U.S. government estimates of economic losses resulting from counterfeiting cannot be substantiated due to the absence of underlying studies.

A few elements of the memorandum are important to consider:

  1. The Administration is treating counterfeit goods and copyright piracy as homeland security and law enforcement issues — directing those groups to to step-up their efforts.
  2. The Administration is focusing as much on trafficking as it is production.  Think about vendors such as Amazon, Physical carriers such as FedEx, digital pipeline operators; payment providers, and customs brokers.  For legitimate intermediaries, however, the focus is on acting as “beneficial partners in combating trafficking.”

Although counterfeit goods may be costing the makers of branded products, the companies trafficking in the goods are making money.  It will be interesting to see the extent that those companies operating on an international scale will be willing to cooperate with US law enforcement.

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    Wow – if you want to hire a moderator for the site and comments I apply – boy are 99% of the comments here off topic.

    Anyway to deal with the topic at hand..

    Yes the companies that are making the counterfeit products are making money…but they are breaking the law. Or should we all not care about that? You treat them really as not morally repugnant as I would like. *Shrug* The UN treaties like the TRIPS treaty compel these countries to cooperate.

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    Trafficking in counterfeit and pirated goods is indeed a huge problem in America; and indeed all the world.

    Just as is the pirating of at least 100’s of patented innovations by the likes of FAANG and those many companies which march to the same drum beat as do they.

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      Trafficking in counterfeit and pirated goods is indeed a huge problem in America; and indeed all the world.

      Not nearly as big of a problem as the existence of br@inde@d entitled sycophants like you.

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    At the mere mention of President Trump, our resident Trump acts out on his emotions, rather than actually taking a cogent look at any of the legal issues on the table.


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    Democratic lawmakers were concerned about a number of program cuts. Among them: a significant decrease in programs that combat human trafficking.

    And also cuts in programs that monitor domestic terrorist groups (K K K etc). Of course, if some brown people here live in fear of being shot or blown up or separated from their families by some over-testosteroned chatroom-edumicated glibertarian that’s okay because it’s all part of White Jeebus’ super awesome plan.

    The important thing is to prevent the importation of cheap electronics with remote controls running “stolen” “apps” which are the rightful property of the Best People Ever. Every time a hierarchical menu is stolen, a thousand jobs are destroyed.

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