7 thoughts on “World Cup on a US Holiday Weekend

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    Women’s World Cup. And looking forward to the men’s team in the Gold Cup, as well as the finals in the Copa America. A great day for futbol!

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    Nice to see the sport and the gender of the players being acknowledged. USA v Netherlands in the final of the FIFA Women’s World Cup. Only three more years then until the treat of the men’s version. One year until the European cup (men’s version) in 2020. link to uefa.com

    What will I watch in 2021? Of course.

    link to en.wikipedia.org

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    Happy 4th Dennis; and to everyone.

    … and may the 2nd half of the year bring us a nicer, kinder, gentler Moonbeam.

    What could go wrong?

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      I could not care less for “kinder and gentler” — I would go for “cogent and inte11ectually honest.”

      “Words ought to be a little wild, for they are the assaults of thoughts on the unthinking.”

      – John Maynard Keynes

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        As with that quote from the movie Trading Places; where the one guy asks (when offered the choice of lobster or cracked crab):

        “Can’t we have both!?”


          Further, PS, the meaning of the Keynes quote is lost with any type of slavish “let’s be nice” mindset. We should NOT want both, as such removes the value of that very “wild” nature that Keynes indicates as an “ought.”

          Those that insist on speaking without critical thinking OUGHT to be dealt with harshly (especially when the insistence is after being provided cogent counterpoints to their desired views).

          There are certainly times when “being nice” sends the wrong message and only encourages types of sloppy thinking that have no place in law.

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