6 thoughts on “Off-Topic Chart of the Day from Google’s N-Gram Viewer

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    There is a new eligibility update out.

    link to uspto.gov

    From a brief review, it appears to mostly be a clarification on the January update.

    I found the III.D note that they’re now excluding “conventionality” from the “extra solution activity” consideration pretty funny. I’m shocked, shocked that someone in this administration would issue hastily drafted orders without being familiar with the existing process!

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      What’s also interesting is that III.B is a straight up “technology” test, although the PTO fails to define the term.

      Funny games people play. Last time I checked Congress was playing it, too. Golly, I wonder why…

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    It’s a mystery to my why UC Berkeley students put up with this stain upon their school (not to mention upon humanity):

    link to lawyersgunsmoneyblog.com

    The Ferderlist Society has always been a cl 0 wn show where hypocritical know-nothing @ h o les clap for each other and pass around right wing scripts.

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      … because certain animals are more equal than others…

      Malcolm – the Trump of this blog, and the blight that never stops.

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        What exactly does the “some animals” comment mean in this context, Bildo?

        Put on your big boy pants and tell everybody. Who are you voting for in 2020, by the way? You’re a very serious person and we are all so interested in your super ethical and consistent views on political issues such as, e.g., whether we need to hand out patents on correlations to the richest people in the country.

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