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    This is a bit of a surprise. I saw “33 comments” at the bottom of the post and wondered which of the articles or job postings led to a lively discussion. The answer is apparently none of them. Comment 1 is a stab at an on-topic point. Everything else–all 32 other comments are MM and others basically shouting back and forth at each other with no connection to anything in the post. I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving, and that maybe venting here spared some of your relatives from hearing the same sort of stuff in person.

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      Golly, maybe there is something abnormal happening in the Executive branch and in the United States Senate that could explain it.

      Anyone have any ideas?

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        Malcolm, this is a PATENT LAW BLOG. How you feel about any other poli-rant item does NOT “explain it” (leastwise, as to the point that dcl is trying to provide).

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    From the Persad “Pharma Exceptionalism” piece:

    However, if others cannot be held to account, imposing burdens on pharma IP holders can be justified in order to promote global health: treating wealthy firms arbitrarily is preferable to ignoring the urgent needs of the global poor.

    (noting that the piece does indicate that “exceptionalism” against patents is an error, but nonetheless is “ok”)

    Because ALL forced socialism societal experiments have been successes….

    Hmm, is that ALL or is that NONE….

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