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    Re: “Blake Brittain: Apple, Cisco Get $4.2 Million in Attorneys’ Fees in Patent Case (Source: Bloomberg Law)”
    As I had asked earlier, is this a record high patent suit attorney fee sanction?* I assume this award will be appealed, but if sustained, will it get paid, and by whom? I.e., what if the patent owner is a cash-empty PAE? Will the attorneys at fault ever get hit with any part of this sanction?
    *[Apparently sanctioned for the chutzpah in asserting a narrow [non-infringing] claim scope to win an IPR and then going back to asserting a broad infringing claim scope in the D.C. Something Scott’s PostGrant blog has repeatedly warned against.]

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    Anyone have any idea what is being looked at in the cares act extension into June for large entities?

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