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    This looks like a surprising increase in new patent attorney job postings, which seems surprisingly good news in view of the Covis-19 trial shutdowns,and allegations by some commentators here that application filings are down? Are they not?

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      I am not sure that your implied relations are either necessary, nor present.

      Let’s not forget as well that the “bubble” in Reg Numbers is going to (sooner rather than later) place a HUGE premium for those in the 40,000 to 60,000 Reg Number range.

      What you may be seeing may merely be a prudent jump on an expected shortfall of seasoned practitioners — no matter the drop in litigation and prosecution numbers.

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        I took a quick look at these job postings, and they seemed to be for the usual 2+ years of prep and prosecution experience junior positions.


          Ah, thanks — maybe someone is expecting that Congress might actually DO something (after the election), and that there may be a return to reasonableness under patent law and a return to protecting innovation rather than protecting infringers.

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        Anecdotally, I know there are a lot of people trying to leave prep and pros.

        The money is down significantly and the workload is up. The dignity of the job is way down.

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      We’ve been through the report together Paul in previous posts. You know very well that the number of patent applications is down for inventions originating in the USA. The Chinese have made up the difference.

      You appear to be becoming troll-like in that you are playing the amnesia game.

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        Night Writer,

        I do not know a single one of the regular posters that I would classify as “anti” that are not afflicted with that “amnesia” game.

        It’s been that way as long as I can remember.

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        If, as you say, “The Chinese have made up the difference”, then, logically, applications are not down.


          Clearly he means from a perspective within the US Sovereign, as in, US citizens and — I would add and stress — NON international juristic persons (corporations).

          Don’t be obtuse, Paul.

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