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    Re: ” Rivian Patents Removable Bed-Mounted Battery Pack for Extended Range.” Quite amazing that no POSITA would ever think of storing an extra car battery in the normal storage bed area of a pickup truck, along with one’s power tool batteries and other storage boxes, per the examiner.

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      Per the examiner? What are you basing this statement on? Looking at the notice of allowance, the requirement that the auxiliary battery cooling system is separate from the primary battery cooling system seems to have been key.

      1. 2.1.1

        Thanks, surely no POSITA would have thought of that either – not, e.g., Varma, M., Jaybhay, S., Kadam, K., Venu, S. et al., “Cabin and Battery Cooling Performance Trade-off in an Electric Vehicle,” SAE Technical Paper 2020-28-0004, 2020, link to

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      Relatedly, unconfirmed rumor is that a 10,000+ mile / charge car will be available no later than 2022. Only problem appears to be that the batteries take up so much space above, behind, next to, and below the driver’s seat . . . that there’s only room for the driver . . . no passenger seats . . . no trunk . . . not even a glove compartment.

      Fully charged, it will reportedly be able to supply a week’s worth of power for the average home.

      1. 2.2.1

        That doesn’t spund quite right. Electric cars get around 3 mi/kWh. So a 10,000 mi battery would be something like 3300 kWh. But that’s about the electricity consumption of an average household of three for a year.

      2. 2.2.2

        No, its a discussion of previously known technology. But in any case, how would having a separate cooler for a separate removeable battery pack be unobvious? Would not the alternative require some kind of leak proof connectors for liquid hoses to the primary battery pack cooler?

      3. 2.2.3

        Yes, EV batteries keep improving, and are predicted to be combined with some [lighter and faster charging] super-capacitor storage. But current batteries do not have the weight/space range advantage of not having to carry a major portion of their fuel (the oxygen) with them, and require charging, especially home charging, for much longer times than refueling takes at the huge existing gas station infrastructure system. But presumably just replacing all local taxies, Uber cars, delivery vehicles and [metropolitan] commuter cars with EVs could make quite a difference in both city air pollution and CO2.

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      Greg, with today’s announcement by Moderna, and the earlier one about the Pfizer-developed vaccine invented by Biontec in Mainz, there is rising public interest over here in C19 mRNA vaccine products and their prospective availability to the public ,in Germany and elsewhere A chance for thrusting young politicians to make a name for themselves, I fancy.

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