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    >James E. Bessen, Prof. Michael J. Meurer and Atty. Jennifer Laurissa Ford: The Private and Social Costs of Patent Trolls (Source: SSRN)

    This paper represents the entire problem with our country. I’d bet that if there were professors paid to refute this nonsense that they could make this paper look as ridiculous as it surely is.

    But that is the problem. It is like our infrastructure where there is no one or few people advocating for the infrastructure that we need to continue to build our country.

    I’d bet if I had funding for a year I could lambast these three and humiliate them in public debates. But there is no money for advocating for what is right or the infrastructure. Only money to burn down the patent system because it is not in the master plan of the giant SV firms.

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    Bessen and Meurer laid a foundation to get eliminate inventors and disruptive competition. After a decade of erecting barriers to entry based on their “scholarship”, the only viable business model left is patent trolling. Their $29 billion “tax on innovation” is off by 2 orders of magnitude. Big tech has grown by $3 trillion by annihilating competition from startups with better ideas.

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      Yup. That is about the size of it. Bessen is second only to Lemley.

      Wait, though. Once Chien introduces new Trade Secret legislation, there will be no bottom.

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    The truth Bessan, et al should have instead written:

    “The Private and Social Costs of Patent Infringers”


    “The Private and Social Costs of the PTAB Innovation Death Squad”


    “The Private and Social Costs of the SCOTUS – CAFC Innovation Death Squads”

    or . . .

    1. 2.1

      If you think that there is a different essay that needs to be written, no one is stopping you from writing it.

      1. 2.1.1

        The point is not so much that a different essay “needs” to be written as much as it is the claptrap that is written could have the energies expended in a much better way.

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