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    “Commentary and Journal Articles:”

    This should be called “Commentary and Paid Advocacy”.

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      In the fact of the NYTimes articles where law professors were caught being paid to write law journals to abstracts written by google, continuing to act as if law journals are scholarly works is outrageous and probably unethical.

      If you want to be a force for good in law, then you should require far stronger disclosures and constantly remind people that “law journal” has little more weight than a blog post and that the writer of the “law journal” article may be paid $40K or more by their client to write the “law journal” article. Plus, there are many law professors that take on clients and the writing of the law journal article may not be directly paid but the law professor is writing to advocate for a position taken by their client.

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        Everything written adjacent to the legal profession should be read as if the written is to advocate for a position taken by their client.


          It used to be that there was scholarly work done at universities that wasn’t tied to representing clients. But very little of what you see now in law journals is actually scholarship. There are even bigger issues with huge international corporations being involved in who is hired at law schools.

          The fact is that little now in the legal profession is not controlled by large corporations. Most of this is flowing through K Street firms that are on top of pretty much every single possible way to use money to influence their our society to further their clients’ wants.

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        …and it might not be.

        Academia – rightfully – has a very real perception problem, and the structure (by and large) only serves to reinforce a LACK of meritocracy.

        And this is not a new problem.

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