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    Experts Seriously Doubt Whether Patent Waivers On Covid-19 Vaccines Will Ever Come To Be

    It would be hard to disagree with these experts. The advocacy behind the TRIPS waiver appears rapidly to be losing momentum, and it was never moving with all that much steam behind it in the first place.

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      I just posted who the culprit was on FB. As many cases as I have copied and set aside, one stands out like a sore thumb. A legal word that was used I had to look up to find out what it meant. I wonder if the person who typed it was at the court too, or his personal secretary. Maybe the one that told me it was him behind my problems because he was the atty. to all he surveyd. All the federal people, and then his clients who were connected to them in such a way……

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        Now maybe the old l yi ng SOB will sue me . Let’s hope he tries. I am surely going to get my days in court one way or another.
        Did you know he was only kicked off the bench when i sent letters that were not from me…. until they were opened. Isn’t that a crime?? But no one said anything they just got the mail this time.
        But, come to think of it. My letters weren’t of a criminal nature. BUT, they were of a CRIMINAL


          Don’t you wonder why he never became a lobbyist? He surely had way more enemies in Congress than most. How esy it is to go from Congress to lobbying, and specisl interests. I gigure this criminal had npthing to lose. So he pretended to be doing a deed for the U.S. A.

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