Welcome Director Vidal

The US Senate has reportedly confirmed Kathi Vidal as the Undersecretary of Commerce for Intellectual Property and Director of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.  Welcome and Congratulations to Director Vidal.

Vidal has been handed the reins of a powerful engine of advancement and symbol of progress at an important time in history.  The agency itself is a lot to manage with 11,000+ patent and trademark examiners and a multi-billion dollar budget.  But, Dir. Vidal will also be asked to serve as a visionary and chief promotor for future US and International Intellectual Property transitions.

I expect that Dir. Vidal will work closely with Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo and President Biden’s team in soon identifying a deputy director. That person will also need to be nominated by President Biden and Confirmed by the Senate.

I also want to congratulate and thank Patent Commissioner Drew Hirshfeld who has been acting in the role of USPTO director for the past 16 months and to Andy Faile who has been filling the role of Acting Commissioner.


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    “Starting college at age 16 as a mathematical physics major, Kathi began her career as an electrical engineer.”

    Hubba hubba.

    “(from playing NCAA volleyball to running more than a dozen marathons, winning for the U.S. in the first U.S. vs. Mexico polo tournament; and winning the Northwest Region of the U.S.’s crew regatta as a first-year rower, as well as windsurfing, surfing, and golf)”

    Anon doesn’t know that she’s about to do some one hand push ups in her daily routine (women’s style)!

    Dammit bros, now I have to go back to Alexandria.

    link to winston.com

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