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    Good on Moderna for suing Pfizer. If the government is going to eviscerate future patent rights, they better milk what they have now for all they can.

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    Prof Reilly – the experience with discretionary denials confirms the benefits provided by the AIA’s shift towards greater administrative patent power: expertise, flexibility, reasoned deliberation and policymaking, and [politics]

    Such a “justice” system is un-American.

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      Yep – from that article:
      Thanks to Jorge Contreras, Dmitry Karshtedt, Mark Lemley,”…

      Guilt by association.

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      It is against all our legal traditions. What Lemley wants is a central communist committee of the elite to rule what should and shouldn’t be eligible.

      I would go so far as to say that Lemley’s policies and ideas are in direct conflict with our Constitution. Lemley does not want a nation of laws but a nation ruled by the elite.

      (Notice that Lemley and his ilk come and stay in the USA and flee Russia and the CCP. Go to the CCP and live. The problem Lemley has is that he is not an elite over in the CCP or he would go there in a second.)

      1. 1.3.1

        It is NOT a coincidence that the Liberal Left must engage in the level of 1984ISM that they do.

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