Father’s Day Gear Guide

Father’s Day is Coming Up! Here is the List for 2024:

  1. TheraGun: I use mine almost every day before working out to help with sore muscles and some tendonitis.
  2. Free Fly SPF Hoodie: Super comfortable and looks great along with sun blocking for my northern European skin.
  3. iRobot Roomba: This is great because I feel like I’m cleaning just by pushing start.
  4. Cheap Earbuds: I purchased expensive earbuds one time, but ended up losing one of them.  So, these days I just go for the cheaper ones.  My $20 JLab Go Air True have lasted about 18 months now.
  5. Cooking Thermometer: This is what I need. I’ve been cooking more meat lately but kind of winging-it in terms of the cooking level.  These range from $10 to $110.


15 thoughts on “Father’s Day Gear Guide

  1. 4

    To be honest, I thought the links were going to be to patents on the products. So that was a bit disappointing.

    1. 3.1


  2. 2

    LOL Night. This is literally a post about buying stuff from private companies.

    1. 2.1

      Well, where’s the Equity in that?

  3. 1

    Nice list. I was surprised you didn’t include “Capital (Das Kapital)” by Karl Marx.

    1. 1.1

      As with every university in the U.S., the University of Missouri ensures that free copies of all of Marx’s books are provided to each worker and their families.

      1. 1.1.1

        Have to disagree there, as giving actual copies would promote questioning of the higher ups and strict obedience is demanded.

        Plus, those copies would have to be (gasp) bought.


          Right. Tell us about cutting the genitals off children, tell us again how the laptop is Russian disinformation, tell us about the Steele Russian hoax (criminal), tell us why the criminal Garland won’t release a tape of Biden committing multiple felonies, tell us why the #dirty51 aren’t being prosecuted for conspiracy and election interference (plus misuse of their security clearances, which is a felony), tell us how Twitter will fall because of Elon, and so forth.

          Try to live in reality. Biden caused inflation, started three wars, murders 100K people a year with fentanyl, is spreading cartel gangs in US cities, and so forth.

          Live in reality.


          link to x.com

          Remember your prediction that Twitter would fail? Live in reality.

          Biden is being controlled by Woke communists who will burn the Constitution if they are reelected.


            And they will screech how they are “saving democracy” as they do it (with the lemmings in full- hill-climb mode).


          link to x.com

          Here is a post about your advocacy to mutilate children. Note it is now banned in almost all EU countries.

      2. 1.1.3

        MM bro I just figured I’d drop you a lil somethin to celebrate Hunter’s conviction bruh, yw

        link to youtube.com

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