Sr. Patent Engineer – Large Corporation – Huntington Beach, Calif.

Cleveland GolfCleveland Golf / Srixon is seeking a senior patent engineer to work in its Huntington Beach, California offices.

• Use mechanical-engineering skills as well as knowledge of patent laws and regulations to in furtherance of the Company’s objective of creating commercially successful golf products
• Assist in the design or redesign of future products taking into consideration engineering and patent-related constraints
• Help develop the Company’s intellectual property portfolio by assisting patent preparation and prosecution activities
• Identify infringement of Company patents

Essential Functions:
• Routinely attend engineering-design meetings and interface with product-design and development engineers to identify and resolve patent-related issues
• Oversee or perform novelty, patentability, validity, and product clearance searches
• Analyze patent-search results vis-à-vis corresponding products to assess freedom to produce and/or patentability
• Assist in the preparation of utility and design patent applications

Special Skills Required:
• Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering
• At least four years of Patent Engineering experience directly related to golf equipment
• Familiarity with laboratory procedures and associated instruments for testing golf equipment
• Familiarity with US, Japanese, and International patent-classification systems
• Advanced searching ability using the JPO Industrial Property Digital Library (IPDL), USPTO PatFT & AppFT, as well as EPO Esp@cenet, Delphion and NERAC databases.
• At least two years of Mechanical Design experience using solid modeling applications and reverse-engineering techniques
• Previous experience as a Patent Examiner in the art of Mechanical Engineering
• Successful completion of the USPTO Patent Agent Registration Examination

Equipment Used:
• Computer
• Basic office and filing equipment
• Instruments for testing golf equipment (e.g., COR and MOI machines)
• Precision-measurement instruments

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Additional Info:
Employer Type: Large Corporation
Job Location: Huntington Beach, California