Senior Counsel – Small Corporation – Reston, Va.

Bluestone Innovations LLC (Bluestone) is seeking to hire in-house counsel with five (5) years of patent litigation experience. The ideal candidate for this position would have the experience, judgment and inter-personal skills necessary to work closely with retained outside counsel. The primary duties would include maintenance of multiple case dockets and to assist with management of each case within the overall litigation and enforcement strategy of the company

• A registered patent attorney with the U.S.P.T.O.
• At least two years of either in-house or law firm experience.
• Bachelor’s degree in science or engineering (preferably materials science)
• Juris Doctorate with license to practice in Virginia

• Preparation and review of claim charts.
• Responding to infringement & invalidity contentions.
• Drafting, review, and negotiation of patent licensing agreements
• Direct management of litigation tasks with outside counsel.
• Conduct corporate matters for the company as Assistant General Counsel.

Position is full-time with an annual salary range of $100,000 to $120,000. The employee benefits package includes family health and dental insurance.

Applicants should send a resume in Adobe format (.pdf) to before February 15, 2012 and be available to start no later than March 1, 2012.

Additional Info:
Employer Type: Small Corporation
Job Location: Reston, Virginia

Bluestone is a Virginia-based patent licensing and enforcement company holding patterned-sapphire high-brightness light emitting diode (LED) and laser diode patents (originally developed by Xerox-PARC). The company has previously brought patent-infringement litigation against major global LED manufacturers in Taiwan, China, Germany and Japan in lawsuits filed in Texas, Florida, and California. Bluestone was also recently identified by RPX Corp. as being among the most active of similar “non-practicing entities” throughout the United States in 2011, and is about to initiate a new round of litigation against several large defendants.