Patent Office Funding III: Filing Fees

The patent office funding bill (H.R. 1561) seems to become law. Here are some of the proposed changes:


Current Fees    

Fees in Bill

Filing Fee


Filing: $300
Search: $500
Examination: $200
Total: $1000

Extra independent claims >3



Claims >20






Long disclosure


$250 for ea. 50 sheets over 100

Electronic Filing


$225 discount




Issue Fee



Small entities retain 50% cut.

More patent related legislation commentary is available here.

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    The USPTO has announced new patent fees for fiscal year 2005. From a cursory review, the adjustments appear to follow the usual pattern of annual increases. Two notes: 1) These fees may be superseded by the patent office funding bill

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    Patently Obvious reported the new patent filing fees under consideration. The basic filing fee will go up from $770 to $1000 ($300 filing, $500 search, $200 examination). The issue fee well go up from $1330 to $1400. Small entities will…

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