Patently-O Tidbits

1. Book Reviews Ok’d: Last week, I started a new series known as “Book Review Monday.”  Although I gave a good review to David Pressman’s book, I am glad to know that negative book reviews published on the internet are not actionable — Hammer v. (“[N]egative reviews could not be construed as anything other than opinion.”).

2. Reader Survey: The Patently-O archives are growing rapidly (900+ articles) but several readers have lamented that would like a better access to the actual cases.  I wonder whether any readers would find it useful if I provided a Westlaw or Lexis (or BNA) link to the case in each case review? Of course, after clicking on the link, you would still have to login and pay the rates.  Please let me know if this would be a beneficial feature? (

3. The Latest Information on the New Patent Bar Exam: PLI is presenting this free audio briefing via either phone (register phn) or web (register web) on Wednesday October 19, at Noon (Central). You can also register via phone by calling (800) 260-4754 and mentioning Priority Code: PRW5-8AEM1.

4. BlawgThink 2005: If you are interested in starting a legal blog, BlawgThink 2005 is the place to be — November 11, 12. A number of IP bloggers will be leading discussions including Stephen Nipper, Matthew Buchanan, Douglas Sorocco, Cathy Kirkman, Brandy Karl, and me.