How to Electronically File Patent Assignments

A good way to transmit assignments is over the internet – no faxing necessary.  This is especially useful where the assignment is for a single patent or application. Assignments of multiple patents or application would have to be sent individually so faxing might be better for assignments of multiple items.
For electronic assignment recordation:
  1. Scan the Assignment.
  2. Go to the Assignment Web site and complete the Assignment Recordation Form –
  3. Have the attorney or agent sending the assignment sign the electronic form by typing in their name.
  4. Hit the send button.
You will receive an immediate email receipt confirmation.
You will receive a fax assignment recordation notice within about 24 hours.
NOTE: This post comes from the files of Blair Hughes.  Blair is a partner at MBHB LLP and has extensive experience in protecting patent rights, in both the U.S. and abroad.