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James Hawes is an intellectual property attorney with more than 40 years experience in all aspects of IP.  For many years, Hawes has been at the forefront of IP practice — he has been the President of the National Inventors Hall of Fame, the Los Angeles Intellectual Property Law Assn., and on the Board of the AIPLA. Hawes also has four books published by West (including our Patent Application Practice, 2nd ed.). Now, through HSC Press, Hawes has developed a new website called IP Law Book Reviews. From the Press Release:

IP Law Book Reviews is a compilation of all currently published Intellectual Property books for practicing IP attorneys. At present there are more than 170 IP books cited and reviewed on the website. Each review includes the cost of the book, its updating frequency and update costs, actual or projected, as well as a candid, descriptive review of the book, often comparing it to other similar books and discussing its suitability for use by practicing IP attorneys.

Until now collecting all currently published IP books on a particular topic has been a real challenge. Many, but not all, IP book publishers mail flyers describing some of their books. Some also call IP attorneys from time to time. A Google search on the internet turns up a lot of IP books. But until IP Law Book Reviews there has not been a single compilation of all IP books now being published. In addition, few publishers give complete information about their books. Often they are described in sort of a generic marketing language. IP Law Book Reviews describes the coverage of each book reviewed in a way IP attorneys will welcome, and compares the book to other, similar books. It also gives the basic purchase and update costs for the book, and has a link to the publisher to expedite purchasing the book.

Check out the site – Take a look at your favorite IP books, and submit your own review if you like. The publisher welcomes all user reviews, and says that many will be included to give other IP attorneys a well-rounded description of the books reviewed.

If you are a publisher of IP books, check out the site to make sure your books are there and that what is said about them is accurate. Also, the publisher welcomes advertising and alliances with others in the IP field.

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    Hi Mercedes, I’m the only one around at these hours. I’m going to go with the MPEP, I hear it has a lot of dates it in.

    Here’s some linkage from amazon:

    link to

    link to

    For the completist it looks like PP 5th for 460$ would be a nice bet. For the economical reader PPPPBtUSPO for 98$ might be a winner.

    Speaking of dates, you live in DC anywhere near the PTO?

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    Hi, I’m currently working as a Paralegal in an Intellectual Property in-house legal department. Can you please tell me what will be the best book to learn patent prosecution from start to finish? I want to know dates, categories, subject matter (i.e., issued, published, granted and so forth).

    Your time and dedication is very much appreciated.



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