CAFC Oral Arguments Available in MP3 Format

AIPLATalk198The CAFC has announced a new program of posting digitally formatted oral arguments on its website.  According to the website,

All future argued cases will be available twenty-four hours after argument is completed. Counsel should read this notice containing guidelines for oral arguments.

The files are in MP3 format.  A portion of the cases argued since January 2006 are already available. The audio files can be found through the following link:


4 thoughts on “CAFC Oral Arguments Available in MP3 Format

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    So far I have listened to one session, and it sounds like the microphone is in the room across the hall. It is very difficult to understand what is being said. Hopefully this one is not the norm.

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    If you want to browse, you can search the caption for the letter “v”

    Because most of the cases will be in the form “Smith v Jones,” you’ll get a fairly comprehensive list. You also might try searching on “application” for the USPTO appeals.

    In any event, you don’t have to know a case’s information to *retrieve* it — but the list this technique retrieves still doesn’t tell you anything about the case. You’ll have to use another source in order to know whether the case is interesting or not.

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    That’s great, except for the fact you have to know a case’s information to retrieve it. It’s no good for just browsing and listening to a recent interesting case.

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