LiveBlogging The Blog Law Conference

Day one of our blog law conference has been a great success.  Cathy Kirkman of Wilson Sonsini and I are co-hosts of this LSI conference that has been billed as the first CLE covering the “law of blogs.”

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    What a great conference; a real eye-opener. I find blogging interesting, but had little idea of its power. Speaker after speaker drove that message home to all attendees with great clearity and no little wit too. Kevin O’Keefe’s presentation certainly was one of the highlights of Thursday’s presentations. And the blogging experiences of the panel of four bloggers (including our favorite, Dennis Crouch, of course) was a highlight of Friday’s session. There’s all kinds of blogging info and help on the internet. Thanks for the many web address cites. Can’t wait to learn what additional opportunities the second conference identifies. Jim Hawes

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    Blog law and blogging for lawyers

    Joe Gratz is live-blogging the LSI seminar that we are co-chairing with Dennis Crouch of the Patently-O Patent Law Blog in San Francisco today, on Blog Law and Blogging for Lawyers. See Joe’s posts on: Blog Technology by Mary Hodder….

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