Free PLI Briefing on Patent Bar Exam

  • PLI is hosting a free briefing (web or phone) next Thursday (Sept 21) at 1pm Eastern. They will talk about the new exam format and give people some tips on studying.  Of course, they’ll give you info on their own course — it is the same course that I took with the same instructor, John White. (I passed). Signup for web or phone.

3 thoughts on “Free PLI Briefing on Patent Bar Exam

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    This past summer I was having a hard time deciding between PLI and another patent course. I ended up choosing PLI and I have no regrets. After taking the live course, and then studying for a month after work I passed on the first try. Three people I met and kept in contact with from the test also passed on their first attempt about a month after the course.

    I am not paid to endorse PLI, and the other courses I was considering may have been excellent as well; this was just my experience. I just hope that this may help someone who has yet to take the course filther through all of the propaganda that I encountered on the course websites.

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    The PLI site is back up.

    I also did the PLI course and passed first time on the October 2000 test, which was a hard one (37% passed). My test scores on old papers went up from around 30% before the course to around 70% after. The passmark was 70%, and I studied for another 6 months before taking the test, spending about three times the recommended study time (300 hours, versus 100).

    I worked for John White at one time, as did Matt Stavish, who was one of the instructors. They are nice guys, and they are not paying me to endorse PLI!

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