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Three patent attorneys, Steve Nipper, Doug Sorocco, and Matt Buchanan have teamed up again — this time with some legal recruiting specialists to form the new job board LegalMojo.


The site will likely have a heavy emphasis on IP needs, although the board is open for all types of legal jobs. Even before coming on-line, the “rethinkers” lined up an impressive group of potential offerings.


The price for listing jobs is quite low, so I would expect that many small firms and in-house jobs will be listed in the future. Check it out.


  • These are the same guys who brought us PatentFizz (issued patent information).

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    Thanks for the thoughtful input. We’ve actually designed PatentFizz to “go beyond the .pdf.” When you enter a patent number, you are presented with a web-optimized view of the abstract and claims in a matter of seconds. One click and you’re there. No waiting for stitching images into a .pdf file…

    The fizzdisplay also gives one click access to assignment records, full text, and images, in addition to direct links into PAIR. We think these features will provide more effective delivery of patent-based information to the community, which is one of our objectives for the site.

    We have a few other objectives for the site. For example, we want to provide a community site where anyone….anyone…can attach a comment to a public record of an issued patent. We believe that public review of issued patents should be simple and welcoming. Anonymous or otherwise, short or long, PatentFizz will take them all.

    We’ve designed the site to facilitate the discussion of patents as well. Current web resources make it difficult to blog about patents. PatentFizz enables people to link directly to a fizzdisplay of a particular patent, and even to an individual claim or an individual comment. Blog posts, e-mail messages, whatever. Link away and start the discussion.

    If you have any other suggestions for additional functionality, changes, etc., please feel free to contact any of us. Thanks again for the input.

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    Dennis: Thanks for the mention.

    Anthony: I’ll forward your comments on to Matt (Mr. PatentFizz) and Vince (our recruiting specialist at LegalMojo). Thanks.

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    In answering their own question “What the heck is a fizzdisplay, you ask?” at link to , PatentFizz leads off with, “As patent attorneys, we’ve grown frustrated with the, um, less than ideal manner in which the Patent and Trademark Office delivers patent information to the community. Think about this — it’s 2006, and you still can’t download a .pdf of an issued patent from the United States government. How is that promoting the progress of science and the useful arts? Our rethinker genes eventually kicked in…and we decided to do something about it.”

    Of course, you can’t download a .pdf of an issued patent from PatentFizz either. Perhaps your “rethinker genes” will check out link to , where you can download a .pdf of an issued patent, and then provide a link directly to the .pdf document that bypasses the log in procedures of .

    And please, Steve, Doug, and Matt, keep the legal recruiters and anonymous jobs (e.g. p.o boxes not linked to a place of employment) off LegalMojo. Firms no longer want to pay $20,000+ to a legal recruiter to find a patent attorney and as patent attorneys, we are tired of sending out resumes to anonymous P.O. boxes only to find out that our boss posted the fake job announcement to see whether we were going to jump ship.

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