The Chainsaw Caddie

OnesawOver the holiday, I met with my great-uncle who is a farmer in Southeast Kansas. Marvin and his wife had just returned from the Farm Progress Show in Decatur, IL. They were happy to announce that their Chainsaw Caddie had been awarded first-place in the show’s annual Inventor’s Challenge

The patented chainsaw holder design makes it easy to maneuver a saw near the ground without having to bend or stoop.

Congratulations Marvin & Sarah!


13 thoughts on “The Chainsaw Caddie

  1. As someone with a 100 acre tree farm in my family, I can tell you there is a long felt need for this device. Only question Dennis is whether it comes in “Husky” orange?

  2. Put a snow shovel where the chainsaw is and you get something that looks like US Design Patent D523,710 – which also was an award winning invention.

  3. An excellent invention and good that the USPTO issued the patent. The Examiner Kenneth Peterson should be congratulated.

    Claim 1 is novel in light of the DR trimmer because it includes a removably attached chain saw and has a nifty support plate allowing the chain saw blade to be held in very close in parallel to the ground.

    It is not obvious because on the face of it you would have very little expectation of success (see Colin’s comment, above).

    But seriously, the thing lets you get a very close cut with surprising safety because of the proximity of the blade to the ground due to the support plate (as long as there are no stones on the ground).

    As for KSR, this patent issued in 2002 (the good old days) before the USPTO started rejecting patents for no good reason.

  4. Seems like I have seen something like this before. It is called a DR Trimmer.

    A DR trimmer has a single spokeless wheel.

    This is clearly different and not suggested anywhere in the art. Plus it was recognized as innovative by some folks who recognize such things for a living — that’s an important secondary consideration.

  5. Hard to see how the operator could get hurt if he held onto the handles. And if he let go, the dead man’s switch on the handle would kill the chainsaw.

    Nonetheless, for safety sake as a “city slicker,” I’ll stick to my self-imposed life-long prohibition of three things: operating chainsaws, riding motorcycles and flying small aircrafts.

  6. It seems like something from a parody horror movie. “Oh no, he has a chainsaw on a cart, watch out! There go my ankles!”

  7. Interesting but it seems pretty dangerous. It appears
    that the saw can “kick back” when you hit the top
    quarter of the blade (even a TINY branch is enough to cause
    this) but it does not appear that the safety measures will
    be activated. Perhaps he can modify his design
    so the blade locks. He did not remove the safety
    device, it just does not appear to be allowed to function.
    As it stands now, the whole thing gets ripped out of your
    hands and cuts your leg off.

    Also, in my experience you need
    to notch the tree and tie it off high enough to guarantee which
    way it will fall.

    In the pictures, it seems like the tree will bind the blade
    before it starts to fall. I’ve had to dislodge a lot of bound blades in my time.

  8. That is like, so obvious. How could a patent be granted on that? A chainsaw – nothing new there, and a cart – ditto. Where is KSR?

    Pretty weak “invention”.

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