Patently-O Bits and Bytes No. 32: Patent Law Jobs

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    in-re : The Mail Stop Cops Has the PTO really suddenly goofed and made a vast improvement by going back a few steps towards sanity ? Its just possible that now I can get an amendment past the mail stop. I am certain the mail stop Cops are Hobos picked up off the street and turned loose on the US Practitioners . It is hoped that I never again encounter a mail stop Cop. Now our amended claims are presented just like back when logic prevailed amongst our PTO leaders. Maybe part of the nightmare is over. Maybe. In any event, just a few more cases and my docket is empty and I can get on with living out my life in peace.
    Suggestion: Mr. PTO Boss: Now You must please instruct the Mail Stop Cops to just type in corrected drawing headings in whatever form he deems desirable so long as the amended heading properly serves the intended purpose thereof (from My view-point; not yours). If You ever had to fully comply with one of these non-compliance issues You would be able to comprehend whats the problem. What ? Oh; they dont type- they just know how to check those little boxes, sorry. Affectionally; MarcusTheGreater

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    Hah this is an amusing follow up to the peterlin article:

    link to

    According to that the “expectation gap” is referring to people who are prospective employees not newbies. Their solution is to have prospectives do a “day in the life of an examiner” tour thing it seems to say. That’ll sure weed out all the ba d candidates right fast, right along with the good ones.

    I kind of doubt that the gap is referring to prosepectives but rather newbies having a lot expected from them by the public.

    FYI you cannot use the word “Ye ah” to start out a sentence or the spam will get you.

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    I’m kinda of skeptical that any sort of expectation gap w/ regards to juniors is the root cause of the PTO’s ills. I presume by expectation gap they mean

    the gap between the (examiners?) actual standard of performance and the various public expectations of (examiners?) performance (as opposed to their required standard of performance).

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    Since the PTO was one of the partners, we (the public) should be entitled to see the results. Dennis???

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    Sadly we don’t get to see what the MBA students had to say.

    Personally, I’d love to see what all of the teams recommended.

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    Peterlin says please:

    link to

    Don’t say the office didn’t ask nice.

    In other news, us new hires do have an expectation gap, that gap is precisely in the area where we expect to not be working on crp willfully filed.

    Anyone know where we can get the actual article regarding what these MBA’s had to say?

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    Who knows anything about the “winning team’s recommendations”? Dennis???

    “During a recent partnership between the USPTO and the George Washington University School of Business, for which the PTO received considerable criticism, the winning team of the 2008 International MBA Business Case Competition suggested that the Office’s backlog may be due in part to a serious “expectation gap” among new hires, which needs to be closed.”

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    Thank you for your kind words and consideration. However:

    1) “that is both concise, frank, and harsh.”
    Is dat der ok english?

    2) Shush, plez don’t rat me out don’t rat me out on der 2x spam to Professor Crouch.

    3) I Just couldn’t decide who to bless best mit my screw-Cisco and der Coalition rhetoric, Diwreaktor Dufas or our next President elect, Senator McCain. (Are you or is Vegas handicapping how long he’ll last before his VP inherits the job?)

    Ooops, time for more lubrication – I’m working on Bourbon mit/a Boost.

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    JAOI, that is both concise, frank, and harsh. Congratulations!

    By the way, my personal opinion is that the duplicate posting of excessively long, rambling comments in separate threads is a form of spamming.

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    Dear Musharaf Bukhari,

    With your skill level in English, I should think your best bet, perhaps your only bet, would be to apply at the patent office in Arlington Virginia. Ask for Director Jon Dufas. (õ¿Q)

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    Der Readers,
    I am completed my Bachelors of Law in IPR. I intend to pursue my career in Patent. Can anyone guide me on how I should approach towards my interest

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    “‘Compensation all based on upside.’
    And what does this mean?”

    It means you don’t get paid.

    Anybody know any patent attorneys that accept payment in stock options?

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    “Seeking business method patent interested or skilled law student (or skilled business method patent attorney) to join remotely or otherwise a University of California Davis-based student business plan competition team focused on solving the U.S. nursing shortage.”

    Yes, because what Americans need is a great solution to the nursing shortage that is available only to those who can pay a modest license fee.

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