Patently-O Bits and Bytes: Conferences

Recent Patent Law Job Postings:

Recent Patent Law Job Postings:

  • World Research Group (WRG) is a new media sponsor of the Patently-O Jobs site. July 29-30, WRG is hosting the “5th Annual Conference on Patents and the Financial Services Industry.” They have assembled the top speakers in the industry. [LINK]

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    I dont think individual file wrappers get to 25 lbs, but there can be several file wrappers to one application . . usually loosely rubber banded together so as to make them inconvenient to separate. . and then there are those huge IDS submissions. Those are great and can fill up big ole boxes getting closer to 25 lbs each.

    ooo, and these are all kept on shelves that can be much taller than some vertically challenged types who work there.

    it can be an issue for some, just not the main one.

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    “The position may require standing, walking, bending over, reaching overhead, grasping, pushing, pulling and moving, lifting and/or carrying up to 25 pounds without assistant. Lifting more than 25 lbs will require additional help. This is a standard office environment.”

    How big are these patent applications getting?

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