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Researchers at the IP Research Institute of Australia (IPRIA) have a recent paper on pendency at the various patent offices. Professors Jensen, Palangkaraya and Webster looked at almost 10,000 international patent application families filed in the early 1990’s and studied how they fared in the USPTO, EPO, JPO and APO. When examining the same applications, the USPTO had the shortest pendency. The study also shows that many applicants would take advantage of deferred examination if allowed in the US. [Read the Paper]


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6 thoughts on “Patently-O Bits and Bytes

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    It might be interesting to see how many of a number of applications granted by the JPO are granted by the USPTO, APO, and EPO, and so on…

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    “Averages pendencies” from “early 1990’s” filed applications are very obsolete data.

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