Patently-O Bits and Bytes

  • Model Jury Instructions: More on this in an upcoming post. At Judge Michel’s request an all star cast of patent law experts have hammered out a set of model jury instructions for patent infringement actions. [Link][Comments welcome to]
  • BPAI Appeal rules have been stayed – Most likely until after January 20.
  • Two keen jobs:
    • Fellow at Berkeley Law School (Sponsored by Microsoft). Apply by February 1, 2009 [Link]
    • Appellate Litigator for the USPTO Solicitor’s Office. Apply by January 9, 2009 [Link]
  • Does stare decisis apply to a previous court’s unappealed claim construction decision? See Shire v. Sandoz
  • Donoghue: “Breach of Patent Settlement Does Not Create Federal Jurisdiction” [Link]
  • Barkoff: “Federal Circuit Affirms $16.8 Million Award of Fees to Takeda in Pioglitazone Case” [Link]
  • In house counsel Brian Schar writes the American Intellectual Property Abstract (American IPA)
  • Mullin provides an update on the Troll Tracker defamation suit.
  • The Trading Secrets blog has some useful information on protecting rights via employee agreements. [Link]

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