Lichtman on IP (with free CLE credit)

Professor Lichtman has continued his well done monthly IP Colloquium. Listen online for free CLE credit in several IP-heavy states. The latest posts include:

  • Everyone hates DRM with Ed Felton and Randy Picker (Apr. 2009)
  • Statutory damages for downloading music with Charlie Nesson and others (Feb. 2009)
  • A conversation with Chief Judge Michel (Jan. 2009)
  • Privacy in a networked world with Eric Goldman and Dan Solove (Dec. 2008)
  • In re Bilski with John Duffy and Rob Merges (Nov. 2008)


10 thoughts on “Lichtman on IP (with free CLE credit)

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    “Even in the absence of CLE I would not hesitate in the least to recommend these presentations because of the insight they provide.”

    I agree. I downloaded the Bilski presentation and listened on my iPod while taking a long run. Most interesting, informative, and enjoyable. I plan to do the same with the Judge Michel conversation this weekend.

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    The Mad Prosecutor:

    Useful to note that the presentations do include written materials that should be read before listening to the presentations. Also useful to note that many CLE programs are merely video and/or audio presentations where Q&A is impossible.

    Let us not loose sight of the fact that it is always of benefit to receive timely, accurate, and informative information whether or not CLE is even involved. Even in the absence of CLE I would not hesitate in the least to recommend these presentations because of the insight they provide.

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    My understanding is pre-recorded programs without written materials anas well as a forum for questions and answers will never be approved for VA credit.

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    Jud: Thanks for the suggestion. I’m trying to avoid getting on a first name basis with anybody at the VA state bar, so I’ll stick with pre-approved courses.

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    IP Colloquium is excellent. However, as noted above, it isn’t like a standard CLE. It is very academic (obviously). So just think back to events put on by a law school’s IP program or student association.

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    Can you petition for credit? I got credit in my state by sending in a form from the bar association, and a request noting that our neighboring state gives credit for the program.

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    Hope the IP colloquium can add VA to the CLE approved list. VA also has several patent attorneys and mandatory CLE. The real estate bankruptcy and living will CLE courses are losing their pizzazz.

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    Hey, does anyone have any info on when the Markush rules were supposed to go into effect? Or are they on hold until O reviews it or whatever?

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    For those who may not be familiar with the Intellectual Property Colloquium, I urge each of you to follow the link and listen to the various presentations. The fact CLE is available is a definite plus, but much more importantly the presentations involve the participation of persons who are able to bring the legal issues to “life” is an extremely informative manner. For example, in the DRM presentation Doug speaks at length with Ed Felten from MIT, an individual with an incredible insight and understanding of DRM technologies.

    It is noteworthy that the presentations are not the typical caselaw regurgitation associated with the vast majority of CLE programs. They are presented in a manner of benefit to lawyer and layman alike.

    I, for one, deeply appreciate the fine work Doug Lichtman has done in putting together these very professional presentations. I am confident that after listening to them many others will feel likewise.

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