Four New Job Postings on Patently-O Jobs

A 30–day job listing costs $200. Contact the Job Board manager Ryan Swarts ( for more information

5 thoughts on “Four New Job Postings on Patently-O Jobs

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    Creative 6ixty 5ive plus Inventor for Hire, who
    Offers Fresh, Out-of-the-Box Thinking,
    thrives in Skunkwork environments.

  2. 2

    Did mention creative, yes, creative —

    6ixty 5ive plus creative & accomplished inventor for Hire.

    No job too small,
    many too big.

  3. 1

    Over 65 Inventor for Hire.
    Inventor/Jack of all (at least many) trades.

    Contact Jaoi via Patently-O.

    Have PC, will not travel.
    You name it, I can improve it some,
    or your money back.

    Guaranteed. Warrenteed.
    You will be pleaseed.


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