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    How am I supposed to support myself in a recesssion if I give away all my secrets?

    Combine examiners fireworks suggestion from the 6th and the hatched drafting to be a design patent hint (and no ref #’s as dude pointed out) leads to this query (in EAST):
    (firework or sparkler) and s.kd. = 24 hits
    20th was the Byer reference.

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    Dear Public Searcher DIP,

    Congratulations! I owe you a reward. What would you like?

    Prof. Crouch was clever to post a Truck Configured Fireworks invention on the Fourth of July.
    If you don’t mind sharing, how did you identify the patent?

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    Dude and Broje: Off by a little bit. Check Class D22 not the toy art. An examiner gave a very examiner-like answer: “I’ve seen something like this.”

    Body punches = good answer!

    PS. D400,634 to Byers.

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    Looks to me kind of like one of those water sprinklers that is shaped like a tractor and crawls up and down the water hose laid down across your yard while watering the grass. My neighbor has one of those.

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    I’ve seen something like this. The nozzle on the end propels the toy like a rocket and the ones on top shoot out sparks like mini anti-aircraft fire. It’s a working APC.

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    It looks like a design patent due to the lack of reference numerals. It also looks like a toy.
    Try class D21 subclasses 533+ are toy vehicles.
    Or since it is 4th of July perhaps it is a type of projector or sparkler holder. Class 42/54+ toy firearms or class 102 ordinance. Drop a firecracker in the top holes and shoot a ball out the front (provided it is not made of plastic of course)
    Or those cylinders could just be for Lego type connectors…in that case class 273, amusement devices.

    Good luck searching.


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    Does anybody know what is depicted under the
    “Happy Fourth-of-July” greeting ?
    My curiosity is getting to me.
    And I’m offering a reward.

    In the meantime, I’ve been trying to invent
    a way to search pictures or an illustration.

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    I forgot to mention that that the booths were at the annual industry trade show, but I’m guessing most readers would have figured that out.

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    However, the image reminds me of the base of a remote control three and half foot blowup toy robot. When I had a patented product that competed with a Fortune 500 company’s product, I used the robot with my “sandwich” signs advertising my product and steered him in front of my competitor’s booth. The signs directed my competitor’s customers to my booth so I could deliver my sales pitch. I also put up advertising signs of my product in the rest rooms. I try to leave no stones unturned to turn a profit.

    Happy Fourth of July, and as faithful Patently-O readers may remember, it is also my anniversary — my wife and I have been together since 1975. How she puts up with me God only knows. My wife is an angel — oh Lord hear my prayer — thank you, every day is an incomprehensible Blessing!

    Happy happy holiday, and God bless everyone…

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