Patently-O Bits and Bytes

  • Trademark / Antitrust: The Supreme Court has ruled against the National Football League (NFL) in an antitrust suit involving the NFL’s exclusive apparel licensing deal with Reebok/Adidas. The court held that the NFL was not a single business entity, but rather 32 separate business entities. Any antitrust violation involves an underlying market. Here, the supreme court identified that as the market for intellectual property: “Directly relevant here, the teams are potentially competing suppliers in the market for intellectual property. When teams license such property, they are not pursuing the common interests of the whole league, but, instead, the interests of each corporation itself.” In Princo, the Federal Circuit is now considering antitrust issues in the scope of patents and standard-setting organizations. [Read NFL v. American Needle] [Read about Princo v. ITC]
  • The Chisum Patent Academy is offering its second annual Intensive Patent Law Training Workshop in Seattle on July 29-31, 2010. See The workshop will focus on substantive patent law (patentability and enforcement) through analysis of critical Federal Circuit and Supreme Court decisions. [Syllabus for 2009 workshop]. New material for 2010 likely include business method patentability post-Bilski, written description requirement compliance post-Ariad, and the evolving landscape of inequitable conduct as reflected by the Federal Circuit’s recent grant of rehearing en banc in Therasense. The workshop is team-taught in seminar style (maximum of 10 students) by Donald Chisum, author of the treatise Chisum on Patents, and Professor Janice Mueller, author of Patent Law, 3d Edition (Aspen 2009). Chisum and Mueller have a combined total of over 40 years experience teaching patent law. The workshop’s coverage is geared for junior patent attorneys, summer associates, engineers, scientists, paralegals, information specialists, and attorneys experienced in non-patent fields who desire an intensive introduction to patent law. Eighteen hours of CLE credit have been applied for.
  • USPTO News:
    • The USPTO is further developing its patent prosecution highway and has eliminated the associated fee. [Link]
    • USPTO is on Facebook [Link][Me on Facebook]
    • Green Technology: The USPTO has expanded the number of technology classes that count as “green technology” and that are therefore eligible for expedited processing. [Link]

Kathy Bates on NBC as a former patent attorney. Best quote of the clip is 30–seconds-in.