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  • New Contributing Author: Jason Rantanen
    • My friend Jason Rantanen has agreed to become a contributing author on Patently-O for the next few months. He’ll be posting case reviews and other notes about once each week.  Jason and I were classmates at the University of Chicago School of Law. Before law school, Jason earned degrees in both Biology (Brown) and History (Brown, Chicago).  He clerked for Judge Bryson on the Federal Circuit and litigated IP disputes at the Munger Tolles firm in San Francisco.  This summer, Jason started on an academic path as a Visiting Scholar at UC Hastings School of Law. He may not want this shared, but Jason is also married to a patent attorney.
    • Posts written by Jason will bear his name.
  • Media Queue v. Netflix:
    • I recently posted on the push by Netflix for a legal shift that would allow successful defendants greater access to recover attorney fees. [Link] Nick Gross, the inventor and patent attorney at the heart of the lawsuit has now posted an article on his blog where he addreses “certain false statements and mischaracterizations raised by Netflix.” [Link] Nick Gross’s post provides an interesting history — especially regarding pre-litigation activities between the companies.