By Dennis Crouch

This is fun – Managing IP just listed me on the shortlist for its IP Thought Leader award for 2012. [List] Others on the list include Eric Goldman, Mark Lemley, Daniel Ravicher, and Hal Wegner. I obviously don’t deserve the award, but it is nice to be recognized in print. MIP is also awarding the top IP practitioner and top IP law firms in various categories.

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    Congratulations on the nomination. I don’t understand your comment that you “obviously don’t deserve the award.” You are one of the most noted and credible leaders in the patent world, both in the blogosphere and elsewhere.

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    Congratulations Dennis.

    Now rating practicioners? Say what? How in the world can they consider everyone? I really need to start charging 2k/hr. Then I would have instant name recognition and be a “top” practicioner.

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    Which is why I intend to keep on posting here, in the hope that my 5 cents will jingle with Dennis.

    …repeat a lie (or a whole bunch of them) often enough and someone somewhere will take what you say as the gospel truth.

    Everyone knows what they get with MaxDrei.

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    Congratulations, sure. Only 5 names on the list, even while there are hordes of people fancying themselves as a “thought leader”. So what is it that distinguishes the shortlisted 5 from the horde?

    It’s about name recognition, isn’t it? Four of the names I recognise instantly as those of people with something interesting to tell me. I am supposing that the journalists at MIP see it that way too. Ever briefed a journalist Dennis?

    Which is why I intend to keep on posting here, in the hope that my 5 cents will jingle with Dennis.

    Good luck Dennis, I hope you win.

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    I’m not really sure how D got this award though. He doesn’t seem to make leadership in IP thought much of a priority tending to more or less be a leader in the field of IP News and Platform providing. But perhaps he gets credit for his posters as well, who, at least combined, most certainly are leaders in the field of IP thought. Probably the leader of IP thought. And even having constructed the platform on which they operate is more than enough for recognition.

    Or maybe they just knew he was a celeb and gave it to him, much like his ex-neighbor Obama got the peace prize while simultaneously engaging in 2 wars.

    In any case, congrats.

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