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    Is this counting the word “Copyright” on the copyright page that is on the back of the title page of many books?

    When I just did a search for “copyright” in Google Books and sorted by date, the first few results just had the word “copyright” on the copyright page of the book. That would seem to seriously skew the results.

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    Discussion of updating the 1909 Copyright Act started in the early 60’s and intensified through the 1970’s, culminating in the 1976 Revision, followed by CONTU, Berne accession, etc. Debate about this stuff may have contributed to the rise of use of the word.

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    I cannot stop laughing. Dennis, where do you come up with these ideas. I love these graphs! This is great.

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    That’s right. A bunch of Mickey Mouse copyright trolls scamming spare change from hard working innovators who just want to be left alone.

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    It’s because in the mid-60’s it was all those software people wanting to copyright everything and now we hav an explosion of copyright expansion.

    Don’t those people know that patents are for utility and if the software is designed to do something they should be seeking patents to protect that utility?

    Um, wait…

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    I suppose this could be a measure of interest in a subject. If it is…

    I suspect that the 1952 patent act fixed issues and quieted controversy. And it looks like the increase from the 90’s may be due to bio and software patents.

    Something in the mid 60’s appears to have caused a change in copyrights. that would coincide with Disneyland. Maybe it was talk about Mickey Mouse.

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