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by Dennis Crouch

PatentlyO206The following are  patent assignments from the past couple of months.

  • GOLD CHARM LIMITED has obtained assignment of rights from various FOXCONN PRECISION companies. In its filings, GOLD CHARM claims to be located in Samoa.  I suspect that this is merely a holding company still wholly owned by FOXCONN.
  • IBM assigned a couple of hundred patents to MENTOR GRAPHICS, CITRIX SYSTEMS, HUAWEI, and SEMICONDUCTOR MFG INT’L.
  • INSELBERG INTERACTIVE LLC has assigned the rest of its patents to Mr. FRANK BISIGNANO who appears to be different than the Frank J. Bisignano who runs JP Morgan.  Some of the patents have already been asserted – such as seat-tweeting. The inventor Eric Inselberg may be awaiting trial for selling fraudulent sports memorabilia.
  • WEST CORPORATION transferred many of its patents to the patent licensing entity, TUXIS TECHNOLOGIES LLC.  Many of these patents were co-invented by Ronald A. Katz.
  • AT&T has assigned sets of patents to three newly formed Delaware limited liability corporations: SAWAHOSHI CAPITAL LLC; CHANYU HOLDINGS, LLC; and LITTLEMORE TECHNOLOGIES LLC.  These look like more privateers.

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  1. 10

    Ned: How else can you explain this gar ba ge, except by gross incompetence and neglect.

    That cr-p was granted before Kappos came on board, in fact.

    This cr-p, however, was granted under Kappos’ watch:


    1. A system for enabling interactive participation by audience members attending a live entertainment event at an expansive outdoor/indoor venue [<-- LOLOLOLOL!!!] and employing a wireless interactive device [<---oooh, wireless!!! that's so fancy!!] having capability (i) to receive and transmit messages, (ii) accept input via a user interface, and (iii) display messages on an electronic display, the system comprising:

    a wireless communication system configured to transmit and receive messages with the interactive device;

    means for querying the audience members to respond to at least one query with answers entered through the user interface and transmitted by the interactive device;

    means for receiving the answers at a central processing station or distributed processing stations;

    means for storing the received answers as audience data;

    a central processor configured to receive and process the audience data into results; [<--LOL! but I'm sure there's tons more detail about the awesome algorithms in the specification ... and that's really important, right, Judge Moore?] and wherein the expansive outdoor/indoor venue is selected from the group consisting of stadiums, arenas, race tracks, golf courses, and theme parks. [<---what about jai alai frontons? LOL!!!!]

  2. 9

    t’s so very obvious that you can’t produce a single bit of prior art!

    Right. It’s impossible to find prior art in trade magazines about giving audience members surveys to fill out. I just imagined that happening when I was a little kid, just like I imagined reading about it happening fifty years before I was born.

    And of course computers with the capability of receiving and transmitting information remotely are only two or three years old.

    You were sorta funny, McCracken, when you used to post your gifs and pictures. Now, not so much. Please try harder.

  3. 8

    MM, I think you are right about Kappos. He was a real snake charmer …constantly talking about quality while at the same time reducing standards. How else can you explain this gar ba ge, except by gross incompetence and neglect. Clearly he was not motivated to crack down on software patents, or to limit them in any way, given his background.

    Kappos is another name that will live in infamy, or glory, depending on whether you are a patent prosecutor, litigator or the company whose ox will be gored by his handiwork.

  4. 6

    Kappos turned the spigot up

    Because “Quality does not equal reject” never had to be said…

    MF QQ ZZ

  5. 5

    seat-tweeting. The inventor Eric Inselberg may be awaiting trial for selling fraudulent sports memorabilia.

    Quintessential examples of pure g-rb-ge and utter incompetence at the USPTO.

    1. A method for interactive audience participation at a live event attended by a plurality of spectators comprising the steps of:

    providing each of the spectators at the live event with an interactive device, wherein the interactive device presents a promotional message and wherein the interactive device includes a user interface;

    broadcasting audio programming to the spectator through the interactive device;

    querying the spectators, wherein answers to the querying may be entered by spectators via the user interface of the interactive device;

    transmitting the answers to a central processor;

    storing the answers as spectator data;

    processing the spectator data into results; [<---LOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!] storing the results of the processing of the spectator data;

    and broadcasting the results of the processing of the spectator data.

    Computers were ancient at the time this application was filed. It was widely known that computers receive, store, process and transmit data to and from a plurality of others. What in the heck difference does it make if the users of the computer are at a “spectator event” or in a public restroom or a slaugherhouse?

    Calling data “spectator data” doesn’t change the fact that it’s data. Computers don’t care if the person is watching a “live event” or a funeral or watching paint dry. Surveying attendees of any event about aspects of the event or about anything else is also as old as the hills, as is providing advertising information with the polling information.

    What was the PTO thinking when they granted this j–k? Answer: they weren’t thinking at all. And they still aren’t thinking. If anything, Kappos turned the spigot up even as the Supreme Court tried to put the hammer on this nonsense.

  6. 4

    If “tuxis” isn’t already an alternate spelling for the Yiddish word “tuchus”, I’m going to propose that it be adopted as such and pronounced accordingly.

  7. 1

    “These look like more privateers.” As opposed to the other assignees, who look like billy goats’ nemeses? Or are wearing white hats?

    Gotta say, I miss the troll tracker blog. At least Rick would have tried to figure out who’s manipulating the shells in this game.

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