Bits & Bytes from Jonathan Hummel


#1. House Bill Would Exempt USPTO from Sequestration.

  • Tony Dutra at Bloomberg BNA reports a Bill has been
    introduced into the House that would exempt the USPTO
    from government cuts forced by sequestration. The Bill, and an
    accompanying letter signed by several Silicon Valley Congressman urgers
    Congress to exempt the USPTO because that Office is funded solely by fees
    paid with the applications it receives. The USPTO stands to lose about
    $150 million in funding.

#2. Judge's Facebook Friends not grounds for Recusal

  • Venkat
    at Eric Goldman's Technology & Marketing Law Blog
    reports on two cases that seek to answer the question whether or not Facebook "friendships"
    are grounds for Judicial recusal. The two opinions are further evidence of
    the way the social networking site is affecting the law in very basic ways
    by defining or redefining relationships.

#3. Library
of Congress
Logging Blawgs

#4. New Digital Rights Management
Technology (& the Fictitious Lillian Virginia Mountweazel).

  • James Bridle at The Observer reports that Germany's
    Fraunhofer Institute
    recently revealed that it is working on a new digital rights management
    system, entitled SiDiM.
    Regular DRM involves making changes to the code of the media. The proposed
    SiDiM, however, make literal changes to the content of the media. For
    example, the word "unhealthy" would automatically change to
    "not healthy" and thus distinguish a plagiarist's work from a
    licensed work. Indeed, there is precedence for this: the "Mountweazel"
    is a made-up word inserted into a dictionary to catch unwary
    plagiarists, which originates in the fictitious Lillian Virginia
    Mountweazel who first appeared in the New Columbia Encyclopedia
    of 1975.


Patent Search Attorney – Large
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