Resolving Patent Disputes – October 4, 2013

I’ll put out a more formal post in a couple of weeks, but I wanted to highlight an upcoming one-day conference here in Columbia Missouri on October 4, 2013 that is being jointly sponsored by the University of Missouri School of Law and also the Journal of Dispute Resolution. The general topic is “Resolving Patent Disputes” and we have a number of interesting speakers. I am co-organizing the conference along with Professor Jim Levin. Professor Levin is a longtime mediator and professor of mediation. Our keynote speaker is Greg Gorder who is one of the co-founders of Intellectual Ventures.

Conference is free with 5 hours of CLE credit. Let me know if you are planning on coming from out-of-town or if you need more details.

Use THIS LINK to register.



4 thoughts on “Resolving Patent Disputes – October 4, 2013

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    Yes, thanks. My point was simply that these are really important judical barriers to settlements of patent litigation that these settlement experts should be focused on getting changed or at least publicised.

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    Paul, makes sense, but what do you do when your judge refuses to entertain that early claim construction – at all?

    Going through MSJ stage without a claim construction is a real PITA.

    But it happens.

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    Earlier identification of which patent claims are asserted against which parts of which products plus an early Markman hearing to resolve the actual claim scope (so that the amount in dispute or at risk could at least be somewhat realistically estimated), plus a prompt IPR if the defendent really thinks it has invalidating prior art patents or publications,* would probably do more good for suit resolutions than any mere mediation techniques in many cases. But a candid special master with patent law expertise can certainly be helpful for a suit resolution when the principal attorneys on one or both sides of the case do not.

    *Why don’t more judges ask defendants why they have not done so?

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