It’s News to Anthony McCain

Some of you may have noted that Anthony McCain is now writing Bits and Bytes posts for Patently-O.  Anthony is a 2L at Mizzou where he also earned a degree in Mechanical Engineering.  So far, I have asked Anthony to keep his posts straightforward without much extra commentary because he is new to blogging and is only now enrolled in my Patent Law course.  Once again I’m running Patent Law as a practically oriented class with time spent primarily doing projects, writing claims, amending applications, drafting briefs, and conducting hearings.  McKool Smith has sponsored our Patent Law Moot Court competition that will take place in November — winner gets $1,000.

Back to Anthony:

— Dennis

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    My daughter the got me to watching one of her favorite TV shows which involved criminal defense attorney/professor got her students involved in her cases through “clinic” work.

    link to

    I haven’t’ thought the ethics through, but it would be good if a professor/students would team up together to offer “pro-bono” services to patent owners who were IPR’ed or PGR’ed and could not afford a defense. Now, that would be good training.

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